February 01, 2018
Deadline for abstract submission
February 17, 2018
[Extension] Deadline for abstract submission (poster only)
February 28, 2018
Notification of acceptance
March 15, 2018
Deadline for early bird registration
March 30, 2018
at least one author of the accepted abstract(s) must have registered and paid for the fees
June 3, 2018
Welcome reception
June 3-8, 2018
June 7, 2018
Gala dinner
September 01, 2018
deadline for submission to JAAP virtual special issue.


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Thank you!

Dear all of the participants in Pyro2018,

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of you for attending Pyro2018 with great contributions. We are very happy if you all feel fruitful of your stay in Kyoto, not only for the scientific aspect but also for enjoining the tradition and the taste of Japanese culture.

Finally 343 delegates, including 216 overseas from 34 countries, with 71 oral and 229 poster presentations, have been registered. The committee members should be acknowledged for their devoted involvement to organize this big event smoothly. We also thank to the sponsors and the supporting organizations for their financial help to complete the mission of Pyro2018.

Among the nominated poster presentations, the following 6 papers were awarded for Frontier Labs Young Scientist Award in Gala dinner:

P1-5 “Qualitative analysis of acid anhydride copolymer by pyrolysis GC/MS combined with imide derivatization” by Kei Ishitsuka (Asahi Glass Co. Ltd.)

P4-10 “Application of nitrogen-based blowing agents as an additive in experimental fast pyrolysis of cellulose” by Evan Terrell (Washington State University)

P5-1 “Catalytic fast pyrolysis of biomass over titanium dioxide studied by tandem micro reactor-GC/MS” by Hiroto Ida (Nagoya Institute of Technology)

P5-7 “Characterization of pyrolysis products and catalyst coke obtained from metal-doped zeolitic catalysts: A comparative study of catalyst activity and deactivation” by Henry Persson (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)

P6-3 “Carbon nano-materials formed from waste tyre pyrolysis oil model compounds” by Yeshui Zhang (University College London)

P6-18 “Carbon nanotubes produced from thermo-chemical conversion of waste plastics using Ni-based spheric catalysts” by Xiaotong Liu (University of Hull)

As for the future pyrolysis symposium, after the careful discussions, the two hosts, Ghent for Pyro2020 and Beijing for Pyro2022, have been announced.

See you again in Ghent and in Beijing!

The Pyro2018 team

Welcome Message

Topics of Pyro2018

Fundamental studies of pyrolysis
Pyrolysis reaction kinetics, mechanism
Methodological developments of pyrolysis techniques
Analytical pyrolysis in various fields (geochemistry, biology, polymer, conservation, etc.)
Pyrolysis of biomass, coal, petroleum, synthetic polymer, etc.
Reactive pyrolysis (catalytic, hydrothermal, etc.)
Applied pyrolysis for energy, recycling, etc.